The Core of Bodywork

There are many reasons why somebody wishes support in form of a bodywork session. dissatisfaction, disbalance, feeling not well in the body, worry, fear, physical problems, pressure to perform, stress, burn-out, or other reasons, like curiosity, pregnancy, prevention, supporting the existing health….. Everybody knows it, when the balance is not completely there, when on physical, emotional, mental or spiritual levels things are a bit out of the alignment. Sometimes it takes a bit longer, sometimes the signals are already stronger, various physical symptoms appear, before we make the decision, that its time to act and do something about the situation. Sometimes it is just that really good feeling, that we do ourselves a big favour, when we go to a bodywork session, and we appreciate the healthy situation we are already in. the body is so much more than just matter. It surrounds all the levels of our being, it has an endless inner space and shows as exactly where we stand, how we are in tune with our Being.
The bodywork I offer applies several parameters which define the quality of touch: pressure, movement and energy, as wel as parameters of quality: consciousness, love and sensitivity. These ingredients determine the possibillities in a treatment. An alchemic process starts, just like with cooking: several ingredients are transformed into a dish, which we can absorb, integrate, it becomes part of us. In a treatment this is exactly the same: The purpose is, to be in an energyfield together, instead of the classical give-and-receive situation of a bodywork session. The practitioner becomes the initiator, who invites the client to be touched by the different elements of life and nature. The focus lies on the awakening of the true life potential and to support the client in finding his or her way in life.

I offer different arts of bodywork. They all have their specific entrance to this wide field. The essence in all these is the alchemy of bodywork: to connect (again) to the essence, the true being, the life potential.

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