Mission and Vision

Hi, I am Erica.

My big passion is movement, and to experience all that movement does in us, for us, with us. To experience how movement touches us, transforms (in) us, and creates in us, on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level. The movement can be very subtle, deep inside, or it can make our bodies stretch out over several meters in a big space, or outside. It does not matter if bodywork, dance, chi kung, yoga:  Movement is the key to unfold and express our deepest being, our heart and soul. The key to health, joy and vitality. I support people since more than 25 years in this process of connecting themselves to their creativity, vitality, joy, jealth and happiness. To me, the most beautiful thing is to see a human being moving freely. In that moment he can express his true nature, his passions, his deep connection with life.

And you…..?

  • Are you looking for move space for movement in your life?
  • Are you somehow stuck, are you making the same circles over and over again, not really knowing where you are in your life?
  • Feels your body like your home, or is it a strange place for you?
  • Are you searching for possibillities to unfold yourself?
  • Maybe you want to find new ways which bring you freedom, health and happiness?
  • Are you ready to commit some of your time and energy in the journey through your own universe?

I would love to accompany you on your way. Just have a look around on this website, and discover what could be an interesting offer for you.

The body is right in the center of my services. The body, your body, your loyal companion, your home, „THE place to be”, so to speak. You will find it all inthere: feelings, experiences, thoughts, memories, ideas….. it is all connected through your body.

I am looking forward to meet you! Please don´t hesitate to contact me.

My core areas:

  • A big inspiration in my life is the wonderful world of the 5 elements, which come from the traditional chinese medicine, although they are widely known in other traditions as wel.  These transforming energy movements mirror the different layers of our being and provide us with a lot of precious information about where we are at this moment in our lives. The 5 elements show possible solutions for many problems and give reference points for unclear situations. I am studying the dynamics of the 5 elements since many years.
  • My BLOG with information around the 5 elements you can find here: BLOG-site (mostly English)

  • The different vibrations and rhythms which we can observe inside and outside of us form another corepart of my work. I work with the different rhythms inside of us like breath, fascial movement, cranio-sacral rhythm. The greater vibrations and rhythms we find in the seasons, the weather, the day-night, and everything what we experience by communicating with other people. Every human being has his own uniqe perfect vibration-field, which means that health, vitality, happiness and fulfilment flow through his life.
  • More around this theme you can read here.

  • My third emphasis is the  inner space. When we are free from blockages, problems and so on, the inner space is free and open. We feel a lightness inside, we are in perfect harmony with ourselves and the universe. this inner space is not measurable, but everybody knows exactly when this space is open, or when there is heaviness and no space.
  • More around the inner space you can read here.


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