Yoga, breathing, stretching

5 Elements yoga – balance between power and flexibility

Our body is our basis in life, so why not spend it a little more loving attention? When our body is vital and healthy, we feel well on all levels. It really is as simple as that! We only need to invite this to happen.

This programme helps us to connect consciously with our body in a very easy and direct way. 5 Elements Yoga consists of a series of flowing movements, in sitting or laying positions on a soft mat on the floor.

Likewise with the Meridian Chi Kung, the movements invite to open, empower and make the 5 elements and the specific organs which are connected with them, more aware. Flexibility, strength and conscious presence on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level are at the same time trained and balanced. 5 Elements Yoga uses the principles of the Indian and Japanese Yoga, as well as those from the Chinese Tao Yin. The movements are divided according to the five elements. Each of these elements represents a certain natural quality of life , which we also find in the functioning of the body. The five elements are translated into the following movements: torsion , flexion , extension , compression and structure. Where the balance between strength and flexibility, displays the Yin-Yang balance.

A properly functioning body has a balance of these five elements/movements and energetic abundance through their interaction (alchemy). The meridian system gets its energy from the elements and can therefore be seen as a sign of that energy balance and abundance.

This unique method teaches you to put your energy into balance and also has a healing effect on the organs, spine and body. You will have more awareness, vitality and strength to get into your body and thus consciously be able to tackle weaknesses and dysfunctions in the body and mind.

Breath and stretching

Breathing and stretching are two very fundamental activities, which we will apply consciously. Breath has a direct connection with the nerve system and connected with the balance between sympathic and para-sympathic system. Breathing supports the conscious awareness of the natural movement of the 5 elements as wel. Specific breathing for each of the elements invites us to dive deeper into the element and feel the connection with it.

Breath and stretching are two very basic activities which we will initiate consciously. When muscles, connective tissue and joints are being stretched, they have more space and therefore more possibilities for movement. We create more space in body, but also in mind and emotion. Without movement change, progress and development are not possible, as little as re-finding vitality, health and joy. With this Yoga form here is no need for impressive and sensational positions which are almost impossible to perform. The stretchings are about finding the right positions, the positions which bring more space to the body. This brings more vitality. aliveness, and consciousness in those bodyparts which find it difficult to open spontaneously, because of long-term fixations in movement or posture-patterns.

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