Meridian Qi Gong

Movement for vitality and joy!

Meridian Qi Gong (or: Meridian Chi Kung) was developed by Dirk Oellibrandt. It consists of a series of 18 powerful exercises which open the body through the Meridian System. These exercises are designed to create a flow of energy, thus opening the Meridian network, and create inner space. It is a playful and tempting form, which brings an intense and joyful experience to the body. By exercising the Meridian Qi Gong regularly, you can sense and intensify the connection with the deeper meaning and expression of the meridians. The Meridian Qi Gong balances and vitalises the five elements and the six pairs of meridians. All the exercises are built in such a way that everybody can perform them in their own way. Regular practice awakes the vital and conscious awareness in all the different dimensions of our Being.

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