Dynamic Bodywork

Dynamic Bodywork – a treatment in motion

Dynamic Bodywork invites you to go deeper into the experience of your own body. Dynamic Bodywork is like a danced treatment. Connect to your very own physical, emotional, mental and spiritual dimensions. It offers you the entrance to new possibillities, solutions. Find (back) your health and happiness. Dynamic Bodywork combines the receiving of a treatment with the more active phase in which we let the movements of body, voice and breath come into expression.

Through touching various regions which hold stress and tension, we invite movement. We start in a seated or standing position, through the gentle impulses a spontaneous movement into space will be created. In this way, the body will be able to express in a natural way.

How would my body like to move during or after a treatment? How does my body react to the experiences it just collected? How do my breath and/or my voice react?

We digest and transform the experiences of the treatment by moving through space and by allowing us to do so. Gradualy we feel relaxation, mobility, more energy, breath, freedom, clearness, harmony in those areas of our body where earlier we noticed stiffness, emotional blockages, superficial breathing or coldness. We can discover new things spontaneously and playful. Maybe only a hand is moving, maybe the whole body. Maybe we react with our breathing rhythm, or maybe the voice gets active and we produce sounds. That what can be expressed in the moment, is invited to express itself.

 Notice: Problems which have been building since years will not miraculously vanish in only one session. It takes time to improve your health, your constitution, your situation in a sustainable way. This art of bodywork supports and maybe even accelerates the processes which come into motion.


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