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The situation at work is more and more demanding for body and mind. Longer working-hours are no exception. Stress in neck, shoulders, back due to the sitting position, stress in the head due to long concentrating hours at the computer. These are some examples of the complaints which are heard in the daily working situation.

A refreshing Shiatsu treatment or a relaxing and vitalising Chi Kung class, all of which are offered at your working space, are ideal possibilities to support you and your employees during the day.

Shiatsu, Dance Improvisation and Chi Kung have a very beneficial effect on body and mind. They are responsible for alleviation of the following complaints:

– tension of the muscles
– problems with concentration
– discomfort with several regions of back and spine
– headaches, migraine, dizziness Kopfschmerzen
– sleeping disorders, exhaustion, burn out
– psychical burdens like depression, or even panic attacks
– weak immune system

Regular Shiatsu treatments, Chi Kung and Dance Improvisation support:

– vitality
– mental and physical balance
– body awareness and general agility
– improvement of the general health of your employees (and you)
– less absence through sickness
– increased motivation, better concentration, higher productivity
– joy
– respectful communication
– positiv stimulation of the team spirit

Other benefits:

– Little time consuming, one Shiatsu treatment takes 30 minutes, the Chi Kung class 60 minutes, no need to travel outside the office.
– little space needed
– you save costs

With relatively little investment your employees (and you) get offered a vitalising Shiatsu treatment, which will take only 30 minutes.
The Shiatsu uses no oil, and is applied on the body with the normal clothes on.
You can choose to have the treatment on a Shiatsu futon on the floor or on a comfortable massage table with extra headsupport.
Depending on the area of complaints, extra attention during the treatment is given there, but of course the Shiatsu treatment has the focus on the complete body as well, aiming to achieve an overall relaxed state.


The appointments are fixed on one day, in advance, p.e. once a week on a fixed day, on working hours.
The participating employees arrive to the treatment room 5 minutes befor the start.

The Chi Kung is offered before, after or during the wrking hours, depending what is the most convenient for your situation. The class will take 60 minutes. Group size is minimal 3 persons. For the Chi Kung some space to move is desirable, as well as loose clothes in which one can move.

For Dance Improvisation an appropriate space is needed, depending on the size of the group. The class will take 60 minutes.

A huge variety of possibilities for format and content is there to choose from, depending on the size of the group, the space, the theme of the class.

Comfortable clothes in which one can move are highly recommended (sportswear p.E.)



Duration 30 Minutes
Price: € 30 per treatment
I recommend a series of at least 3 treatments per employee.
Regular treatments support the sustainability.

Meridian Chi Kung:

Duration: 1 hour
Minimum of 3 participants
Price per class € 60

Dance Improvisation:

Duration 1 hour
Price: € 60
Minimum of 5 participants

If you are interested, please do not hesitate to contact me. I am looking forward to meet you!

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