„5 Elements - an invitation to you and your body“

New training: experience the 5 elements and their meaning for you and your life

With Meridian Chi Kung, 5 Elements Yoga, Meditations, Bodywork and Dance

Maybe you have heard of the 5 elements, the 5 transformations. They are rooted in the daoism, a philosophy of life which goes back thousends of years and which says that life in its totality is always in motion. This motion underlies a constant change and through this it becomes a new quality constantly. The general purpose of this 5 elements training is, to stimulate a flow of consciousness and movement. The 5 elements are wood, fire, earth, metal and water.
You are invited to allow the natural, dynamic balance in several areas of your life. 
This training offers you a variety of possibillities in movement, the direct experience, communication and perception.

What does this training implicate for you?

  • You take your life into your own hands (again).
  • Your confidence grows, you are more independent of the opinion of others.
  • You learn to trust your own inner intelligence.
  • You experience a deeper connection to your own core and the world around you.
  • The communication between your core and your inner space is more free, spontaneous and filled with joy.
  • Thinking, feeling and doing are more in harmony with each other.

Some examples of the qualities of the 5 elements which will be encouraged and stimulated:

  • Water quality: deep connection with your life force and a better mobility.
  • Earth quality: the feeling of relaxation and a being-in-balance, which accompanies you throughout the day.
  • Fire quality: lightness and passion makes your presence radiant and intense. Connectivity and authenticity in communication.
  • Metal quality: clearness and structure in consciousness and thinking.
  • Wood quality: physical vitality, curiosity and friendliness provide you with a new body-awareness.

Introductionary evening – to give you a little taste of this training: Wednesday September 19 and/or 26
19.15 – 20.15

Training: Wednesdays 19.15 – 20.45

Training I: October 3 – December 19.  2018
Training II: January 9 – March 27 2019
Training III: April 3 – June 26 2019

Introductionary evening: € 10

Per training (I, II oder III): € 250 

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